My 6 Tips for Losing Weight Quickly

“You are obese.” That was my doctor’s heavy reply when I asked her about my Body Mass Index (BMI). That answer made me cry on the inside. My clothes were a bit (OK, VERY)  snug. I knew I gained weight but chose to ignore how severe it was. I inquired about my health because part of me was hoping she would say I was healthy and my weight was perfect. I didn’t even know how much I weighed. I avoided the scale. My youngest just turned a year old and I was so focused on him that I didn’t take the time to take care of myself. After my visit I knew I had to do




Tip 1: Eat Clean
Reach for natural food first. This means eating fresh fruits and vegetables, drinking lots of water, exercising regularly and avoiding toxic food like junk food, canned food, and other processed foods. Learn to read food labels. A rule I follow is this: if it has more than 3 ingredients I can’t pronounce, I wont eat it. Here is one of my favorite vegetarian recipes .

Tip 2: Prepare for battle!
If you’re going to embark upon a detox program my best advice is to prepare! Don’t wait until game day to learn how to play. A week before I started my cleanse, I weaned myself off of caffeine (coffee and tea, chocolate too). I started eating as much fresh fruits and vegetables as possible. The program was eating 80% vegetables and 20% fruit. That is not normal for me so I started incorporating more of that into my food plan. I also made small changes like switching to 
Stevia for sugar and cleaned out my pantry of anything that would tempt me.

Tip 3: Check your schedule
This is where I failed. Big time. Make sure that your detox plan is something that you can follow without straying from it. I started a cleanse and forgot all about a BBQ I had planned at my house. On day 2 I had this event organized with friends that were visiting from out of town. Man that was torture and even tho my friend’s son offered me a hot dog (my weakness!) I didn’t cave to temptation. I wasn’t thinking at all when I picked the start date of the cleanse. Make sure you aren’t already scheduled to attend an event where the food you eat is predetermined. You can’t foresee everything but at least if you are invited to a birthday party in the middle of your journey you can politely decline or take your own food. Also, you don’t know how your body will react to your detox. For me my body did not take it well. I was sick for almost a week. Before you start  make sure you have sick time at work in the event you need to take days off. Be sure you aren’t scheduled to be the main speaker at an event or anything like that.

Tip 4: Move it! Move it!
Appreciate nature. Exercise outdoors. The fresh air can do wonders for your lungs and circulation. If you live near the beach, it’s always good to take a walk or go for a jog early morning by the seashore. If you’d been feeling a bit ill your body will greatly benefit from some good ol’ sunshine and the vitamin D nature has to offer. Find a balanced schedule that will give you time for work and fun at the same time. Try yoga or Pilates. Skip rope or walk around your neighborhood. Do anything to keep that body of yours up and running and healthy. Sweating will help flush all of the toxins from your body.

Tip 5: Poop Daily
Gross. I know. Nobody likes it but we all do it. It is how our body eliminates waste. If you hate pooping, a cleanse might not be for you. When you’re detoxifying, having a regular bowel movement is important as it lessens the possibility of toxins being absorbed into the body.

Tip 6: Be positive
Like my mentor told me, “Change is easy if you want it.” It is that simple. A healthy mind means a healthy body. Rid yourself of all negative thoughts. Learn how to meditate
.  Negative thoughts are added toxins to the body. Smile and commit to your plan.

You can do it. My weight loss journey is still in progress and there are days I feel defeated but I don’t give up. I take those nasty, pessimistic thoughts captive and throw them back into the abyss they came from.






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