21 Day Cleanse

Have you ever tried to do something and it seems like no matter how hard you try, nothing works? That is how I was feeling about losing weight. I ate smaller portions, took pills for appetite control, tried doing only liquids. I tried everything except standing on my head while chanting to the weight loss gods to help me. I made some progress but not as much as I would have liked to see. I’ve been working on weight loss for about a year now. I’ve lost weight and gained it back. Up, down, up and down.  After a recent visit with my doctor I knew I had to get serious about my health. She informed No more being passive. So I brought out the big guns to kick start my success. A 21 day purification cleanse.  It is 21 days of eating fruits and veggies. No meat, no cheese, no nuts. No sugar, no caffeine and no processed foods.  This combined with various supplements will purify and detoxify my body and vital organs. By the end of this I will be 15 pounds lighter. My goal? To lose 40 pounds and get back to my weight I was pre-babies.  I am on day 5 and here is how it has gone so far.

Day 1
Starting weight: 164. I felt the same.  Had some abdominal discomfort. No major changes.  For breakfast I had a tomato and I made a smoothie with 1 cup of blueberries, whey protein mix, my cleanse mix and coconut milk. For lunch I had some broccoli, carrots and watermelon. I’d been eating all day so I was very hungry. Dinner I had lentils cooked in a tomato sauce with onion and garlic. I went on a 45 minute walk to get some exercise.

Day 2
No change in the scale but I noticed my belly isn’t as bloated. I had one of my Standard Process (SP) shakes and some strawberries for breakfast and for lunch I had a veggie bowl from the Farmer’s Market. For dinner I concocted my own version of ratatouille. This day was rough on me physically. I woke up with a headache and I felt dizzy. All day long I was sweating profusely and itching. I just wanted to sleep. Don’t worry. This is normal and all part of your body purging itself of toxins. Exercise for the day was walking about the market.

Day 3
Still had a headache and was lethargic but guess what?! I stepped on the scale and was down to 161. Total weight loss: 3 pounds. Current weight 161. Had my normal SP shake but mixed greens in it and coconut milk. and some sliced strawberries, about 10, drizzled with 1/2 tsp of raw honey.  For lunch I had left over ratatouille from the night before. I wasn’t feeling up to much so I didn’t eat dinner. I didn’t do much for exercise. When you are that tired, you need to let your body relax.

Day 4
You got it, breakfast I had my shake with green and coconut milk  and a small bowl of strawberries. I made roasted egg plant with marinara sauce for lunch and cut up some veggies and ate them raw with hummus.  For dinner I put some zucchini through my spiralizer and tossed it with a mixture of lightly cooked green beans, asparagus, mushrooms, jalapeno and added some garlic hummus for more flavor. My left leg hurt pretty bad. I could barely walk on it and my foot was cramping.  I had surgery in 1999 on my knee to remove a cyst. It is interesting that is hurt that much. My body felt it necessary to bring heat, macrophages and other white blood cells in to perform long overdue repairs. I walked around Sports authority but I’m not sure that counts as exercise.

Day 5
I started today off with an apple cider drink. It is 8 ounces of hot water, 2 tablespoons of organic apple cider and your sweeter of choice. I chose stevia today but sometimes I do add a teaspoon of honey. My husband enjoys this concoction too and we drink it often. My energy is at an all time high and I went on an hour walk with my 3 year old and kept up with him pretty well! My foot is still a little sore. I keep breakfast light so I had my same Sp shake and for lunch I made red pepper soup. For dinner I will have spaghetti squash with garlic chili roasted broccoli.

I still have 16 days to go but I’m not stopping at the end. I will continue on with my new eating habits and exercise. My husband is joining me too!  Stay tuned for more updates from me on my progress!


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